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I’ve been blogging since the dawn of Typepad, bringing all the tips and tricks of blogging to the good folk of the internet.

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The Best Blogging Tips for Beginners


I try to share tips that focus on hitting your goals - traffic and revenue.

Expert Positioning

I try to help readers position themselves as the expert in their industry.


Sometimes it helps to talk with a blogger that's been there and back again.

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I firmly believe the secret to happiness in life is continual growth.

Like trees in the forest and ancient civilizations, growth is constant.

Stagnation is for non-conscious rocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, 100%! The key to blogging is two things: passion (or just enough interest) to stay with it for 5 years, and consistency.

I actually don’t recommend starting with WordPress.org unless you’re are technically-oriented. Most people should start with WordPress.com or Squarespace until they’ve written 25 posts. Then they can move.

I recommend thinking deeply about what your monetization model, industry, and competitiveness looks like. If you’re writing about the best credit cards for consumers, that’s different from writing about the best herbs for herbal remedies.

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